Cheat Engine 6.8.1

Mostly a bugfix version of 6.8, but it does have a few minor additions.


  • Fixed several issues with the structure compare
  • Fixed the commonality scanner from picking up unrelated registers for comparison
  • Fixed speedhack hotkeys
  • Fixed ultimap 1
  • Fixed a bunch of random access violations
  • Fixed Lua dissectCode.getStringReferences now also returns the string
  • Fixed Lua breakpoints that specify a specific function
  • Fixed Lua toAddress when the 2nd parameter is an address
  • Fixed assembling xmm,m32
  • Fixed issue when disassembling AVX instructions
  • Fixed rightclicking r8-r9 in the registers window
  • Fixed the plugin system for DBVM
  • Fixed DBVM memory allocations when smaller than 4KB

Additions and changes

  • Added translation strings for the all type settings
  • You can now drop files into the auto assembler
  • auto assembler commands allocnx (allocate no execute) and allocxo (allocate execute only)
  • The memoryview windows’s hexadecimalview now shows the allocationbase as well, and can be doubleclicked to go there
  • Added support for mono dll’s that do not export g_free
  • Improved DBVM speed slightly


  • added RemoteThread class object
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