Cheat Engine 6.4




  • Network server can now handle multiple incoming connections at the same time


  • Fixed a crash when using multiple scan tabs


  • Fixed several assembler/disassembler bugs


  • Fixed issues where deleting a breakpoint wouldn’t actually remove it, causing a crash
  • Fixed a problem where deleting a breakpoint that was marked for deletion would never happen if the game was constantly triggering the debugger


  • Fixed the 6.2 and earlier version of opendialog_execute
  • Fixed memscan.waitTillDone() when using it on the gui memscan
  • Fixed speedhack_setSpeed() not taking more than 3 digits

D3D Hook

  • Direct3D9 objects now support transparency
  • Fix detection of which directx version is actually used for rendering

Dissect Data

  • Fixed the column click detection when scrolled

Auto Assembler

  • Fixed some commands not highlighting properly


  • Fixed ultimap so it now works in windows 8
  • Fixed the hotkeys
  • Fixed the hint popup for pre-emptive flushing


  • Fixed a problem where 32-bit modules where detected as 64-bit

Memory Scan

  • Fixed next scan causing a buffer overflow in some rare situations

Form Designer

  • Fixed a problem where deleting a non visible object failed (press the delete key in the object inspector tree)

Trainer Designer

  • Fixed the go back to generated form from functioning and related issues


  • Fixed a possibility where a bad PE header could cause an read error

Memory view

  • Hexview: Fix 8-byte value editing

Syntax Highlighters

  • LUA/AA: Fixed UTF8 encoded text
  • AA: Added xmm registers

Additions and changes

  • Address List: Added a group option that shows a +/- sign in front of group entries
  • Address List: Pressing enter on a single entry now goes into value edit mode
  • Address List: Added an option so certain entries in the address list show a groupbox the user can pick from
  • Auto Assembler: New auto assembler templates that focus on Array of Byte scans(thanks to jgoemat)
  • Auto Assembler: The auto assembler can now handle {$LUA} and {$ASM} preprocessors for multiline lua scripts
  • Break And Trace: Added a donottrace.txt file in the base directory which holds a list of modules that should not be traced but stepped over instead
  • Pointerscan: Improved performance of the pointer scanner
  • Pointerscan: The pointerscan now has the option to generate a lot smaller .PTR files
  • Pointerscan: Added the ability to do a distributed pointerscan and pointer rescan
  • ProcessList: You can now type in the processlist to filter for the specific process
  • Network: Added a basic ARM assembler/disasembler
  • Network: The linux/android network version can now use basic debugging (find what access/writes)
  • Network: Added speedhack to the network version
  • Network: The network version now compresses read/write process memory before sending to the client. The compression level can be changed at runtime
  • Network: Added module injection for linux/android
  • Symbols: Added better support for .PDB debug files so parameters and local variable references show when that data is available
  • Symbols: Added support for .Net
  • Symbols: Added support for Java (proof-of-concept showing off the extendabilty of CE)
  • Symbols: Added support for Mono (^)
  • Memory view: Hexview: Added decimal display modes for the other types
  • Memory View: Added shift-scrollng to the hexview and disassembler so you can scroll by 1 byte changes instead of the default calculated sizes
  • Stack View: Added a search option
  • D3D Hook: you can now reattach the D3D hook to a process that previously had been hooked
  • Lua engine window: Added a search and replace option to the editor
  • Lua engine window: Added the ability to set breakpoints, inspect variables and step over lines
  • Lua engine window: Enabled tab indentation of blocks
  • Lua engine window: Some extra customization options
  • Trainer Generator: Replaced the beepOnAction with playSoundOnAction and added 2 build in activate/deativate sounds. (You can override them)
  • Trainer Generator: The XM file field now has a play button
  • Lua/Trainer Generator/Designer: Added several new components , propertes and methods.
  • Lua: Added a dll search path to cedir\clibs32 or cedir\clibs64 depending on which cheat engine version is used. Use it for lua extentions
  • Lua: Made it more forgiving about method and property names
  • Lua: Added some threading helper functions
  • Lua: You can now override the disassembler/assembler
  • Lua: Lots of other new features. Check out main.lua

Big thanks to SER[G]ANT for providing us with the latest translation files for the Russian language.

Post release fixes (max 7 days after initial release *or 30 if a HUGE bug):

  • 20-06-2014: Fixed an issue with the driver not responding to Cheat Engine even if it has a proper signature
  • 26-06-2014: Fixed custom types in data dissect, fixed the Visible property of forms, and changed the way unreadable addresses are handled